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The Original CX Awards Comes to Turkey

Winners 2022 REGISTER FOR 2023

“Entering the awards was such a great experience for us. The virtual judging and ceremony was just as thrilling as if we had been there in person. We were impressed with the high calibre of the judges, and prior to the event, the organisers were so supportive with any questions we had.”

Dr Paul Phillips CBE, Principal, Weston College

Celebrating CX Pioneers

Welcome to the second edition of the Turkey Customer Experience Awards!

These Awards seek to promote and reward the very best CX practices in Turkey, giving much-needed recognition to professionals who are transforming Turkish businesses for the better.

The CX discipline is on the rise in Turkey: thanks to the work of dedicated practitioners, it's been reaching new heights in recent years. People deserve to know which organisations offer a truly outstanding customer experience, and these Awards offer numerous opportunities to be recognised as CX market leaders.

But in addition, this event is designed to help CX professionals share their knowledge, form new business connections, and advance the industry as a whole. By coming together to celebrate Turkey’s CX achievements, we can advance the status of the CX discipline, ensure that standards keep rising, and help customers get the outstanding service they deserve.

The world is changing fast, with disruption around every corner - but these Awards will help you stay ahead of the curve!

Having pioneered online awards experiences during the pandemic, we're delighted to be returning to live events. Both the Awards Finals and Ceremony will take place live in Istanbul on June 2: you'll be able to present alongside dozens of other top organisations, then enjoy a spectacular celebration of CX excellence with your team.

Key Dates

Super Early Bird Entry Deadline: December 3, 2021
Early Bird Entry Deadline: February 4, 2022
Entry Deadline: March 4, 2022
Finalists Announced: March 18, 2022
Early Bird Booking Deadline: April 21, 2022
Booking Deadline: May 18, 2022
Awards Finals: June 2, 2022
Awards Ceremony: June 2, 2022

With 20 different categories to choose from, open presentations to attend, and a magical gala lunch and Awards Ceremony, TCXA™ is so much more than just a competition - it’s a chance to share your knowledge, connect with other leading lights in the CX world, and honour your incredible team!

Winners 2022

“Not only was the event entertaining, it also provided an excellent opportunity to learn about CX efforts in a wide range of activities from an interesting mix of organisations.”

Jan Rozendaal, Managing Consultant, Looyint

Fairest Awards

This event has integrity and fairness at its heart. We take several steps to ensure it’s a meaningful competition:

  • Every category has at least 5 judges
  • Every entry is scored at least 10 times (first for the written submission and then for your live presentation)
  • Entries are scrutinised for 7.5 hours on average
  • Every finalist receives a detailed feedback report after the event

In recognition of these efforts, our awards programmes have received the Outstanding Trust Mark from the Independent Awards Standards Council. And with the help of the wonderful Judge Club, we continue to improve the quality and fairness of our events.

Winners 2022

“So happy and inspired from today's CX presentations! Many thanks to my co-judges and of course the participant companies!”

Vivie Chorianopoulou, Head of CX, VividVibes

Your Organisation’s CX Story

Entering is incredibly easy: in just two steps, your awards journey can begin!


Choose the right category(ies): there’s no limit to the number you can enter, and you can also enter the same initiative into multiple categories if appropriate. Book a call with your Awards Consultant to explore your options further.


Submit your entry form: this is your chance to share your organisation’s EX story and get shortlisted as a finalist, so make sure you address all the scoring criteria and wow the judges with your initiative!

What happens next?

Once you’ve submitted your entry, sit back and relax! Our shortlisting panel will scrutinise the submissions, and we’ll announce the full list of finalists on March 18, 2022.

Those who’ve been shortlisted will compete in the Awards Finals on June 2, where they deliver a 30-minute presentation to the judging panel. Later that same day, we’ll find out the winners in a glamorous Awards Ceremony!

Winners 2022

“We believe our colleagues are brilliant at what they do; they make it their personal responsibility to make things as easy as possible for customers. This nomination shows that all their hard work is paying off, and is being recognised.”

Lee Robinson, Customer Service Director, Baxi Customer Support

Awards Experience

Last year, we held the first TCXA™ as an online event. Thanks to the efforts of our Dream Team, this approach was a resounding success!

For the 2022 edition, we're returning to a fully live event. Taking place at one of Istanbul's finest luxury hotels, it promises to be an incredible shared experience where we honour each other's achievements, celebrate the rise of CX in Turkey, and find out which organisations have been true CX pioneers.

Here’s what else you can expect:

  • Open presentations – these let you see how other organisations are adopting outstanding CX strategies
  • Numerous networking opportunities with our Awards Manager application
  • Roundtable CX discussions on the day of the Awards Ceremony
  • CXTrendTalks™ held two months after the Awards, where winners discuss the initiatives that led to their TCXA™ victory

Winners 2022

“We heard great insights, presentations, and stories in our category. Many thanks to my fellow judges and a very special thanks to Ian Golding and the Awards International Dream Team for the amazing organizing.”

Laith Al-Alami, Trainer, Institute of Banking Studies - Jordan

Sponsor the Awards

Customer experience is the most important brand differentiator in today’s world.

Positioning yourself at the forefront of CX excellence is a business imperative – and sponsoring the Awards is the perfect way to do this. You’ll be aligning yourself with the highest standards in customer experience management – plus getting some amazing exposure for your brand.

We have a range of sponsorship packages to suit every budget – take a look at our brochure and decide what works best for you.

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