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Bringing Customer Experience in Turkey to New Heights

Where we were

Over the last decade and a half, Awards International has organised successful programmes worldwide and continues to do so. Our awards take place in London, Amsterdam, Dubai, and Live Online, to great acclaim from the CX community.

However, what gives us a lot of joy is the fact that we're opening up to new markets. Our goal is to actively help CX professionals get rewarded for the fantastic work they're doing. The awards we're organising help us maintain a vibrant community.

This year was significant for us because it was the first time we had an event in Turkey, and it was a smashing success! Turkish CX professionals have been achieving fantastic results, not only in raising awareness about customer experience but also in improving their organisations.

We're happy to say that our first Turkish Customer Experience Awards exceeded our expectations, with dozens of companies getting in the race for the accolades. The atmosphere at the finals and ceremony was fantastic, and the participants were eager to share their excitement.

The overall winner was Hepsiburada, and we'd like to use this opportunity to thank them once again for entering and presenting their excellent results. Well done to you and all the winners! Your fantastic work will keep on inspiring us!

We also want to thank all the companies that took part in the awards. Getting shortlisted is no small achievement; it means you have results that qualify you to join the best of the best. You should be immensely proud of making it to the TCXA finals. Our congratulations!

Where we're going

Inspired by the first-ever CX awards we organised in Turkey, we decided to continue the good practice and prepare for the following awards. Today, we can proudly say that TCXA22 is open entries!

Awards International is happy to invite companies and organisations from Turkey with outstanding results in CX to enter the race for the accolades! We have an updated set of categories reflecting all the vital aspects of customer experience, and you are welcome to apply and present your initiative.

After the astounding success of our previous awards, we expect TCXA22 to be an even bigger and more exciting celebration of the country's customer experience. With its traditional hospitality and business spirit, Turkey is gradually becoming one of the leaders in CX, not just in that part of the world but globally.

Turkish organisations have so much to offer, and their people are doing fantastic work to ensure customers are cherished, respected and served in the best possible way. We are confident that Turkey has so much more to offer and that we've seen only the beginning of excellent results it will show in the future.

If you want to learn more about the 2022 edition of the Turkish Customer Experience Awards, we suggest you visit the awards website and get all the information there. We would be honoured by your presence at the celebration.

See you at the awards!