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How Companies Leading in CX Write Awards Entries

The best way to improve is to learn from the best. If you want to write a good awards entry, you can learn from the companies that lead the field in customer experience.

We have created a list of the essential things our past winners did when writing their entries. Learn from them how to up your chances of reaching the finals - and competing for accolades!

Focusing on the right category (-ies)

The entry cannot help a company get shortlisted for the finals unless it's submitted in the right category. The category should reflect all the aspects of the initiative described in the entry. Before starting to craft the entry, the first thing to do is choose the category (-ies) that will best represent a company's achievements.

Spotlighting their results

Connecting the actions to the results will significantly improve the quality of the entry. The results mentioned should be specific and measurable, using the right metrics. This will help the judging panel understand your initiative better. Also, a good entry has additional documents attached, such as pie charts, graphs, images, etc.

Telling a good CX story

When an entry is really good, it always goes beyond data and information put together. A good entry should be like a good story, with a beginning, a middle section and a solid conclusion. It should start with the problem the company identified, its actions to solve that problem - and the achieved results. Also, the entry should be edited and proofread!

Are you ready to start crafting your entry? We have a helpful document to facilitate the process for you! It's called the Sample Model Entry (an actual example of a winning entry), and it will show you how a good entry looks.

You can download it for FREE here: