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This Is How Winning Entries Are Written

Have you ever wondered what the elements of a well-written entry are? It's important to know this because your chances of getting shortlisted will be significantly higher if you craft a good entry.

To help you write the best entry possible, we have complied five essential tips. Study them carefully to craft an entry worthy of the highest accolades.

Specific results in the spotlight

A quality entry focuses on results that are measurable and presents them clearly. The judges won't score an entry well if it discusses an initiative in general. Spotlighting the results is essential.

Backed up with solid evidence

Attaching relevant documents to the entry can improve it significantly. These can include charts, graphs, pictures, infographics, etc. Any document that explains an initiative further should be in the entry.

Using up the set word count

The judges won't take an entry for serious assessment if it's half-empty, well below the word count. A quality entry uses the total word count to present all the aspects of the initiative so that the judges can better understand it.

Told through a well-rounded story

The information in the entry should not be jumbled up. Instead, it should flow like a good story, with a beginning, middle and an end. The entry should provide a background of the initiative, explain the actions taken and show its impact.

Clear, simple language

In order to be considered, an entry needs to be written in a simple language without any grammatical mistakes. This is why it's essential to edit and proofread the text before submitting it.


Ready to start writing your entry? Before you do, check out the must-have document we have created for you, to prepare even better!

The Sample Model Entry will show you what a winning entry looks like. It is an actual example from one of our past winners, with all the essential elements you should include. You can download it for FREE at the link below.

Remember, a well-written entry can amount to 50% of your overall score, so it's crucial to make it impeccable. Get the Sample Model Entry here.

See you at the finals!