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Value Through Feedback From Top CX Leaders - Our Judges

By taking part in our awards, each entrant gets so much more than recognition. All our programmes are designed to help you grow and develop.

Our judges are all seasoned professionals with fantastic results in the customer experience arena - so their feedback is invaluable to our finalists.

How does the scoring process work?

Once the entry phase is over, our shortlisting panel analyses each awards submission. Those that pass the requirements are then sent to our judges. Once the judges receive the entries, their scoring is done entirely independently; the scoring criteria are the same for all entrants, without exception.

Scoring the entries is only half the story, though. The written entry counts for 50% of the overall score, but finalists must also deliver a live presentation to receive the rest of their marks for their initiative. This is why it's essential to get as many points as possible at the finals for the presentation.

How does the scoring help our finalists?

Two weeks after the awards, every finalist receives a detailed Feedback Report. This ensures that everyone has a chance to learn from their initiative and improve their customer experience efforts.

The report includes the judges' scores and comments about a finalist's initiative. It's full of valuable insights about how they wrote their entry, conducted their presentation, and shares tips about how to improve their CX strategy.

So if you win, you'll know why, and if you don't, you'll know what you need to improve!


You can download the Sample Feedback report for FREE here. This is an actual example of a Gold Winner's feedback from one of our previous events. Download and study it, so you can prepare well and excel at the Turkey Customer Experience Awards!