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The Turkey CXA® recognises the strides made towards customer centricity by Turkish businesses in both the pre and post-Covid world.

The categories reflect the efforts of organisations in adapting to the new normal, but also honour firms whose CX strategies before the pandemic were robust enough to withstand the rapid shift to a new Customer Experience reality.

Within each category is your opportunity to tell us the story of your CX transformation and successes achieved against the backdrop of the most challenging period for businesses in recent history.

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, each category is relevant to your CX achievements and offers the chance to earn the Ultimate Accolade for the dedication of your team.

Customer Centricity

Your customers must be the central focus of your business in order to be successful. This award celebrates those organisations which have built their strategies around that focus and rewards those who continue to grow with the customers’ needs in mind.

Best Customer Experience Strategy - 25+ years in business

Best Customer Experience Strategy - under 25 years in business

Best Voice of Customer

Organisations providing excellent CX do so through listening to the needs and wants of the customer. This award celebrates those who best capture their customers’ expectations, utilising the knowledge to provide a more focused customer-centric service.

CX Transformation

Becoming customer-centric requires dedication to new business practices. In this category, organisations which have transformed their firm to better serve the needs of the customer will be rewarded for their strategies.

Best Use of Omnichannel

Connecting with today’s customers has never been easier thanks to technology. This category celebrates firms that utilise omnichannel communication as part of their business plan to ensure improved CX.

Best Use of Technology (AI/VR /AR/Speech Analytics/Text Analytics)

Technology offers a multitude of CX advantages, but how it’s utilised can be the difference between success and failure. This category rewards those firms wielding tech in a way that best improves the overall Customer Experience.

Contact Centre

The contact centre is the beating heart of a firm’s CX strategy, where customer communication can make or break your business ambitions. This award celebrates firms whose contact centres are excelling and innovating.

Product or Service Development

Customer Experience is a continuing journey, not a destination, and this category rewards firms wielding creativity and exciting new techniques, products, or services in their quest for customer centricity.

Product or Service Development - Financial Services and Insurance

Employee Experience During the Crisis

2020 saw the world of employment change irrevocably in the face of Covid-19. Pioneering organisations used this crisis to re-establish their employees at the heart of everything they do, and this category rewards those who have done so with innovation and a commitment to their teams.

Customer Experience During the Crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has forcibly altered the CX landscape from the perspective of both businesses and their customers. Those firms which stood up to this unprecedented challenge with innovation and a renewed commitment to excellence will be rewarded in this category.

Customer Experience During the Crisis - e-commerce

Diverse and Inclusive Customer Experience

A truly successful customer-centric organisation ensures that customers from all backgrounds and abilities are catered to equally. This award celebrates those businesses providing platforms for customers with special needs or disabilities, and the innovation shown in doing so.

E-Commerce CX

E-commerce continues to embrace exciting opportunities to develop thanks to the rapid change in how customers engage with brands - even more important in a post-pandemic world. The most engaging e-commerce strategies of the year will be honoured in this category.

B2B Customer Experience

B2B organisations serve firms which have their own diverse customer needs, and this category rewards businesses ensuring outstanding customer-centricity is at the heart of their B2B service.

CX Leader of the Year

A commitment to customer centricity requires inspiring leadership. In this category, Turkey’s most outstanding Customer Experience leaders will compete by showing how their stewardship of CX has taken their organisations to new levels of success. Professionals may nominate themselves in this category, while companies can put forward employees who have demonstrated their CX commitment at the highest level.

CX Team of the Year

A commitment to Customer Experience also requires teamwork. This highly coveted award will be presented to the team showing the greatest dedication to working together and achieving the highest level of customer engagement and satisfaction.